Golang / Go Profile: Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Python, Golang, SQL, NoSql

Pune, India
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Backend Engineer with most of the experience based on Python and Golang.
My experience ranges from working with highly skilled team at Vaultize to building entire backend for startup called Shiftpixy.

Quick learner and always open to learn new and exciting things.

What I look for
Looking for challenging/exciting opportunities. I am open for any technology stack as long as it is not related to writing html/css or any other technology to make UI look good because I am not got with it.
I am from Pune, India. I prefer to work remotely but can come down to office few days a week if there's one in Pune.

How to contact me
My email id is sandeep.d.sukhani@gmail.com and my Skype id is sukhanisandeep

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Additional information

Linkedin profile
Gitlab: sandlis
Location: Pune, India

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