Golang / Go Profile: Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer - golang, unikernels, microservices, performance engineering, devops

San Francisco, California, United States
Looking for: Freelance

I've worked on everything from poker hand history analytics (grammar parsing) to language learning to static/dynamic analysis solutions that were sold to the 3 letter agencies.

I've built several companies first sites and have scaled others from the founders up to 20+ people.

Having had to wear many other non-engineering hats such as sales/marketing I understand and appreciate the various roles in a business and know how to bridge conversations between them.

Most recently I built best in class Go specific APM tooling and have built the first unikernel platform in Go along with the first Go unikernel.

Needless to say I write a bit of Go. :) Besides Go I've scaled quite a few of the popular databases out there and have several years in many other languages (although I don't really have any interest in building in other languages at this time unless it's to refactor into Go).

I've helped people setup container based infrastructures and have also gotten companies out of it.

I'm really good at refactoring old rotten codebases and finding solutions to problems quickly as well as jumping into fires and then instituting processes to prevent them in the future.

What I look for
I can work on short term projects on a contracting basis - one week to a few months.
I'm based in the Bay Area so can meet people in the city but am just as fine working remotely.

How to contact me

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Additional information

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Github: eyberg
Location: San Francisco, California, United States

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