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Backend Developer - Golang, nodejs, python, AngularJS, go

CG, Brazil
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

Hi, I'm Kevin, a 21 years old self taught programmer, i starTed to teach myself how to program back in ~2007(13 years old) with delphi 7, at the time i had no internet connection, so i had to guess everything until the next year (2008), i like to know a bit of everything in case i need it.

I'm really bad at graphic design, my favorite language is Go, i'm not a fan of php, coffeescript and devOps.
I wanna work as a back-end developer but i can help a bit on the front-end if needed, but don't count on me to design pages on photoshop or make a nice logo.

// Some of the things that i learned //

[2008] PAWN

[2009] C#

[2010] PHP
[2010] MySQL

[2011] JavaScript

[2012] CSS
[2012] jQuery

[2013] node.js / npm
[2013] SASS
[2013] bootstrap
[2013] AngularJS
[2013] MongoDB
[2013] Gulp

[2014] Go
[2014] Python / PyQT

[2015] PostgreSQL
[2015] Java (game dev, but i can't even draw a circle)
[2015] WPF / Caliburn.Micro
[2015] Electron

[2016] React
[2016] Angular Material Design

I plan to learn:
Nim, Rust, Ruby?, C, C++ and Lua.

// Some of the things that i wrote //

**** [2011] ****

- [C#]

**** [2014] ****

- [Python] [PyQT] [Qt]
renderb0x is a tool writen in python to "join" a sequence of image files (a1_0000.jpg-a1_7230.jpg => a1.mp4)

- [Python] [PyQT] [Qt]
calculate and generate mouse sensitivity for games like Team Fortress 2

**** [2015] ****

- [Go]
i worked on tf2stadium's back-end development for some time
some of the code i wrote: https://github.com/UnnoTed/Fumble

- [C#] [WPF] [Caliburn.Micro] [MVVM]
aInstaller - a interface customizer for team fortress 2

**** [2016] ****

- [Go]
a simple customizable tool to embed files in go

- [PHP] [CoffeeScript] [React] [full stack] [freelance]
osu! supporter page

osu! status page

- [Go] [ES6/Babel] [AngularJS] [full stack] [freelance] [lang: Brazilian Portuguese]
Visão Concursos (work in progress)

i'm good at writing backend code, i'm bad at graphical design.

What I look for
I'm looking to work as a go, python or node.js back-end developer, in case it's needed i can help with the front-end development but mainly back-end dev.
remote only, i have no resources to relocate.

How to contact me
contact me through unnotedx@gmail.com

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Additional information

Github: UnnoTed
Location: CG, Brazil

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