Golang / Go Profile: Senior software engineer

Senior software engineer - Golang, PostgreSQL, Angular 2+, architecture design, Python

Located in: 🇷🇺 Russian Federation › Moscow
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Head of software development (CTO) with a Bachelor of Software Engineering in Web development from Higher School of Economics and almost 7 years of commercial projects development experience.

The main achievements of the company in 2018, to which I made a significant contribution:
- The company's revenue increased by 2 times per year without increasing costs due to system upgrades and optimization of the company's business processes;
- implementation of microservice architecture (instead of monolithic architecture) with the required level of fault tolerance was completed. The number of microservices at the time was 48;
- the use of computer vision services in the production environment began to reduce the company's costs of extracting useful information from photos of retail chains' prices (the company receives approximately 1.5TB of new photos in jpeg format per month).

I'm experienced in Unix systems and web development using modern technical tools like Golang (use it in production from 2015), gRPC, Consul, Docker, Angular 2+, PostgreSQL, Redis, WebSocket, Ruby on Rails, Pandas for data data engineering, Slack and other useful things for development.

Able to setup and maintain production servers from scratch with all necessary services like SSL connections, mail server with DKIM, monitoring and profiling systems.

I like to design and implement API modules. Prefer microservices infrastructure for big commercial projects. Using SCRUM and TDD development approaches while working with team.

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/168z8nU7yAy98lxZOy6veiqwtNnFaV8IEz7W4mEKk7Uc/edit

Main skills:
- solution of architectural problems for more than 4 years;
- I'm able to complete migrating to fault tolerant microservices architecture from monolithic one;
- using Golang in production 4+ years;
- creating high performance databases from scratch for huge rps (more then 50k);
- managed a development team of up to 20 people;
- I emphasize the development of not only hard skills, but also soft skills. Able to lead a productive conversation both in technical language and in the language of business.

The main stack of technologies used by me in the last year:
- go + grpc for network services;
- python + pandas + fasttext + scipy for data analysis and nlp;
- typescript + rxjs + angular + ionic for ui;
- postgresql + redis + boltdb for data storage;
- plantuml + jade for documentation;
- git, docker, jenkins, consul, nats, trello, prometheus + grafana, google drive api for delivery, monitoring and maintenance of the development process.

What I look for
I'm looking for a position of Senior software engineer with such main languages: Golang, TypeScript, Python for data analysis. It's okay to create a system from scratch or develop an existing system. I'm ready to relocate.
Any, except Siberia (joke)

How to contact me
Email: kostenko.dev@gmail.com Phone number: +7 (916) 990-85-91 Skype: dvkostenko

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