Golang / Go Profile: Senior backend Engineer

Senior backend Engineer - Golang, SQL, Rest API, Python, Javascript

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › California › Los Angeles
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

You can see my resume: https://github.com/Nivl/resume/raw/master/cv-melvin-laplanche.pdf

I'm a Gopher located in L.A. I have been using Go professionally for two years now, and I heavily use it for all my personal projects (REST APIs, microservices using GRPC, and toolings).

Besides Go, I also have a background of Full Stack (Node, Angular, a bit of React, Python with Django, …) as well as a mobile development (hybrid apps with Ionic, Native with Swift and Java (and a bit of Kotlin)). I really love to learn new things and don't mind switching languages/frameworks often (I recently had to work on a desktop client that had parts using JS, C#, obj-c, and Go).

Backend: Go, Python, Node (I've also done PHP and Ruby a very long time ago). Rest APIs, Microservices using GRPC, SQS, S3,
Ops: Docker, AWS, GCP, Heroku
Frontend: Typescript, Angular, React

I strongly believe the quality of a code reflects the quality and future of the final product, and I always think twice before coding anything to make sure the code won't need a heavy refactoring in the future. You don't want to write code that only handles the direct needs of today, but you also don't want to code features you _might_ need in the future. You want to write a code that handles the needs of today while being architectured well enough to allow adding features in the future without having to rewrite everything.

What I look for
I am mainly looking for a position where I will code in Go (it's my favorite language by far). I am also open to Python (Django) and Node.js for Backend (I'm definitely not afraid to do some Ruby either, but I have a little to no experience in this language). I'm also open to Full Stack position (Angular, React, …), and hybrid Desktop/mobile app development (shared codebase in Go with some Swift, Java, JS, etc…),
I'm only looking for a position that is 100% remote. I would like to keep my work time around PT/ET (UTC-8/-5) as much as possible. I'm PT and don't mind working ET, but I would like to avoid working UTC/GMT too often.

How to contact me
Send me an email at jobs@melvin.la

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