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Golang / Go Profile: Solutions architect / Senior engineer

Solutions architect / Senior engineer - Golang, PHP, Devops, React, CI/CD

Uppsala, Sweden
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

In the past few years have I have built a large video encoding, storage & streaming solution 30 microservices distributed across 200 physical servers provisioned with ansible and running on top of nomad & consul. I have also been the technical lead on an upcoming e-sports betting platform for online gaming.

I do a lot of things from solutions architect, leading teams, teaching and general development. If I get to pick my favorite subjects it's definitely backend and more hardcore problem solving using clean and easy understable code that does not cause a wtf moment when you come back 3 months later.

What I look for
I'm interested in a variety of positions, but preferably backend/devops work as a developer or lead.
Uppsala/Stockholm preferably remote (very flexible in regard to times)

How to contact me
Contact me through linkedin or twitter is easiest without my email getting smashed by bots.

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