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Senior Devops Engineer at Apple

Shanghai, China, China   (Posted Nov 3 2015)
About the company
The Manufacturing Design team enables the mass production of Apple's entire product line from iPhones, iPads and MacBooks to the Mac Pro, AppleTV and Apple Watch. Part of the magic that makes all of this possible is a robust set of applications and systems designed and developed by Apple that support the production of a product from prototype to announcement and beyond.

Job position

Job description
We are looking for senior full stack engineer to help lead the next generation of products we build. You should like solving problems that no one has solved yet and care about the impact of your product. You are more passionate about solving the problem than the single solution you developed. If this describes you then we should meet.

This is a rare opportunity to put your signature on how Apple manufactures everything. You will be architecting and building the infrastructure and API's for applications that support the development of every product Apple makes. You are going to work closely with product design and the mechanical engineering team on new products. This also means writing the code to control production line equipment, lasers (on a shark?), and other hardware.

Our current stacks are diverse and evolving combinations of old and new, closed and open source technologies. We are not looking for a solution for now; we are looking for the best solution for tomorrow. We are an ambitious team that takes smart risks and challenges everything -- including each other. None of us are the best at everything but all are the best at something. As we scale and evolve the supporting infrastructure for such diverse technologies it becomes crucial to understand the entire stack to help investigate, log, monitor and optimize.

We are always looking for better ways of solving the problems we are tasked with and always open to the best tool for the job. In some cases this means an Ember.js web application supported by a Go-powered API interfacing with Couchbase, while in others it may leverage a simple bash script, Node.js or Ruby+Rails and ElasticSearch or a more traditional RDBMS like Postgres.

Skills & requirements
5+ years in a senior role working across the entire web stack with a skilled team.
5+ years building robust HTTP API's and other backend services using any or all of the following: Go (golang), Node.js, Ruby.
Experience with Go is expected.
Experience building, monitoring, automating, optimizing, managing and scaling distributed applications and services, virtualized and bare-metal infrastructure.
Experience with PostgreSQL and other traditional RDBMS solutions a plus.
Experience with Couchbase, ElasticSearch and other Document-oriented, NoSQL solutions a plus.
Familiarity with building client-side web applications with HTML, CSS and Javascript with tools like Grunt, SASS, Ember.js and Qunit a plus.
Enjoys writing bash and make.

Instructions how to apply
Send github and resume to peterfriday@apple.com
Company website: Apple

Let them know you found the job via http://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know what recruiting strategies that works)

Company: Apple

Location: Shanghai, China, China

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