Golang / Go Job: Build Automation Engineer

Amplidata/HGST, division of Western Digital

Build Automation Engineer at Amplidata/HGST, division of Western Digital

Gent, Belgium 🇧🇪   (Posted Jul 22 2015)
About the company
As one of the leading storage companies in the world, HGST / Western Digital puts a heavy focus on software quality and reliability. We are looking for a build system engineer that is responsible for maintaining our build and test infrastructure. This large infrastructure is hosted in-house and is built on top of cutting-edge automation and virtualization technologies. The team of 100 engineers depends on this infrastructure for day-to-day building of components, running unit, component and integration tests, investigate bugs and performance regressions.

Job position

Job description
We are looking for someone with a strong hands-on Linux sysadmin background with an interest in software and systems development in Go/Golang.

* Tasks

- Maintains the CI (continuous integration) infrastructure: build farm, package servers, CI servers, source code repo servers.

- Maintains/develops our in-house tool set (packaging server, test integration framework, custom CI plugins).

- Contributes patches to open source projects related to our build infrastructure.

-Continuous improvement: looks for opportunities to improve/streamline the build infrastructure, removes repetitive build related tasks, simplifies processes.

- Works in the system integration team and reports to the team lead.

Skills & requirements
* Required skill set:

Linux system administration: system configuration and maintenance

Go/Golang, Python programming language or similar (ruby, node.js, perl)

Hands-on Linux and networking problem solving skills

In depth understanding of Linux, file systems, TCP/IP stack

** Skills considered a plus:

Experience with version control systems (e.g. git or mercurial)

Experience with CI systems: Jenkins, Travis, Bamboo, Wrecker, CircleCI

Experience with cloud deployments: openstack, aws

DevOps tools: ansible, chef, puppet, terraform

Virtualization technologies: kvm, qemu, vmware

Distributed applications knowledge, NoSQL databases (mongo, consul, etcd…)

Container virtualization: docker, rkt, CoreOS

Experience with object-oriented programming and test-driven development

Instructions how to apply
Send your application to us directly: recruiter [AT] amplidata.com


Apply via our website : http://amplidata.com/company/jobs/#toggle-id-3
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know recruiting strategies that works)

Company: Amplidata/HGST, division of Western Digital

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