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Senior Backend Engineer at Ravelin

London, United Kingdom   (Posted Mar 25 2015)
About the company
The smarter fraud prevention platform. Data science, machine learning and merchant insight combined to make ecommerce a safer place.

Job position

Job description

Ravelin are looking for a senior backend engineer to lead the development
of a high volume fraud technology platform within a small tech team. As a
founding engineer you will be invited and expected to have opinions about
the strategic direction of the company and products, as well as leading the
development team from the front. A successful candidate will be willing to
learn new skills (machine learning, neural networks, python, golang, cloud
automation etc), turning their hand to necessary tasks and working with
complete autonomy.


Services are primarily written in Golang with Python used in data science
heavy areas. Docker is used to standardise deployment and management across
multiple languages and environments. Automation is paramount and we
practice a strict continuous deployment policy. We embrace open source and
begin with the mindset of writing our software to be public. We encourage
everyone at Ravelin to share & present our work at conferences and
collaborate with others wherever possible.

Skills & requirements
Code for Humans
Your machine is happy if it compiles; your team is happy if they can
understand what it does. Your pull requests are succinct and a pleasure
to review, you have unit tests where it matters, and you understand
that the code is not, in fact, the documentation.

Reliable & Resilient Software
Not for you the happy path or the assumed network. That habit of yours
of assuming the worst and planning for it has earned you stripes in the
world of running software at scale under real world conditions.

Tools for the Team
Whether it's a smart command line utility or a core internal library,
you excel at improving everyone's lives by removing repetition & common
sources of error, and by solving hard problems in accessible ways. You
build internal processes that are so reliable they melt into the
background but are key to getting shit done.

You've been on the receiving end of APIs good and bad, and want to
delight our customers with the high quality they expect. You know that
whilst everything should be JSON, sometimes you have to get your hands
dirty with some SOAP for that critical integration but know how to
isolate the contagion.

Knowledge of
Golang, AWS, Linux, docker, NoSQL/Cassandra (Mongo & Redis don't count),
PostgreSQL, Git, Agile development, distributed system design, CI/CD

Instructions how to apply
CV and your github/whatever profiles to jobs@ravelin.com. No recruiters please.
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via http://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know what recruiting strategies that works)

Company: Ravelin

Location: London, United Kingdom

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