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Senior Software Engineer at JelloLabs

New York, New York, United States   (Posted Feb 28 2014)
About the company
We are on a mission to build products that help connect the people who make the products directly with the consumers who love them. To do this, we are assembling a family of great engineers, designers, and problem solvers. We are recently funded and based out of New York City. As we grow, we are looking for amazing people that are as passionate as we are.

Job position

Job description
We're looking for developers who love to get stuff done, but also understand code quality, large scale, and the tradeoffs that come with each choice they make.

Things like good coding style, a continuous build, tests are part of the process early on. We're very passionate about great engineering and about striking the right balance between speed, maintainability and scalability.

Our current stack is Go, PostgreSQL, AngularJS and iOS and we picked them thoughtfully because they are the right tools that will help us move fast and build high quality products.

Take ownership over vertical parts of our products, spanning from the consumer all the way to the backend.
Evaluate various APIs, tools, frameworks, and make informed educated decisions about using them or developing something in house.
Ship great code and take responsibility when things break.

Skills & requirements
A degree in engineering, CS, Physics, Math - and a strong track record of interesting projects.
Feel comfortable switching languages and learning new ones. Go is a young language and we don't expect you to be proficient in it, but you will have to pick it up.
Experience writing software for a startup or large tech company. Experience on products that served millions of users is a plus.
Ability to go from ObjectiveC to sysadmin at a moment's notice - all to get a project shipped.

Instructions how to apply
see the job site
[ job website ]

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Company: JelloLabs

Location: New York, New York, United States

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