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Software Dev at Reflexion Health

San Diego, California, United States   (Posted Sep 23 2016)
About the company
At Reflexion Health, our mission is to reimagine healthcare delivery and redesign patient care. We specialize in using motion-tracking technology to create innovative digital health solutions that help patients receive the benefits of physical therapy in the safety and comfort of their own home. VERA™, our tele-rehab platform, coaches patients through their prescribed physical therapy exercises, measures progress, and reports outcomes back to their physical therapist. Vera guides and encourages patients to do their best on the path to recovery.

Job position
Project based

Job description
Assist our team in finishing the reimplementation of our server codebase in the Go programing language. This will be a 3+ month contract with the possibility to be hired full time if we are impressed with your passion and skills.

Job Functions
Assist our team in finishing the reimplementation of our server codebase in the Go programming language; replacing functionality currently in Ruby on Rails.
Write integration and unit tests in Go
Improve our build toolchain

Skills & requirements
Previous experience with Ruby on Rails
Proficiency with the Go programming language
Proficiency with SQL and databases

2+ years professional experience OR Bachelor’s degree
Solid communication skills; in code, in discussion, and in writing
Strong organization and problem solving skills
Ability to work independently, as well as in a team environment

Instructions how to apply
email kevin@reflexionhealth.com
Company website: Reflexion Health

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Company: Reflexion Health

Reflexion Health
Location: San Diego, California, United States

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