Backend Software Engineer, and other open Go / Golang positions

Jobs in USA and Canada only.

Splice Backend Software Engineer - Splice   (February 2014)
Santa Monica, California, United States
As a member of the Splice engineering team, you will design and implement the music industry’s next generation web platform. Splice offers a rich platform focusing on helping artists better create, collaborate and distribute. The backbone of this platfor...
Docker Inc Software Engineer - Docker Inc   (February 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States
Your responsibilities will include: being a contributor to the Docker project, which means contributing patches, and reviewing and merging pull requests from the community; working on some server-side applications; participate in product discussions, infl...
Moovweb Backend Platform Developer - Moovweb   (January 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States
We're looking to expand our platform development team with your talent as a “full stack” engineer . You'll be working at the heart of what makes Moovweb successful; its cloud platform for website virtualization and the accompanying SDK. You’ll be addi...

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