Golang / Go Profile: Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer - Go, HTTP, Security, POSIX environments, Resourceful

Alkmaar (near Amsterdam), Netherlands
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I have a background as a senior systems engineer and have been working as software developer & consultant since 2009.

See my resume at http://namsral.com/resume

For my last project I worked with a company in New York, for which I co-designed and lead the test-driven development process of a service which enables content providers to charge smartphone users through their mobile operator. The core of the service is an intermediary HTTP API written in the Go programming language which handles payment transactions between the content providers and the mobile operators.

One of the main challenges was to design and implement a secure and signed authentication process on top of HTTP. Solving tough problems and using the Go programming language to develop a test-driven and well documented codebase was one of the most enjoyable and gratifying aspects of this project.

More skills at http://namsral.com/skills

What I look for
Go programming with a remote team.
Any, as long I can telecommute from my shared office in the Netherlands.

How to contact me

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Additional information

My website
Github: namsral
Stackoverflow profile
Location: Alkmaar (near Amsterdam), Netherlands

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